USA Public Holidays and School Holidays

As the New Year begins US Public Holidays & School Holidays is something everyone looks forward to in the United States. US Federal Holidays are known to be the public holidays that have been recognized by the federal government, and are applicable to federal employees. The United States Holiday Calendar includes US Bank holidays as well. However, some federal holidays in the US Calendar are exceptions of not being observed on a Monday such as Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.


US Public Holidays

US National Holidays is one of the most important times when you can enjoy it with your family and friends. These are the times when you can spend some leisure time with your loved ones. You can also plan smaller trips in the town or across the town with your loved ones during the US National Holidays. Moreover, being aware of the US School Holidays of your child will give you an insight into the school calendar. You can also plan in advance what you would want to do during the holidays. Furthermore, you can also make your child enroll in some classes or let them do the activity they enjoy doing the most.

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US postal holidays also include the list of holidays that is not granted by every organization or government. Some of them are also given as paid holidays in the organizations. US Post Office Holidays are also given and approved by the government. So, now you know all about the US National Holidays it’s time that you plan your year in advance and go ahead for a memorable year. 

You can have a look at the United States Holiday Calendar online anytime and from anywhere. You can also download the US Federal Holidays list online and keep it handy so that you can have a look at it whenever you want. 


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