Christmas Day
Christmas Day 2023 in United States

Christmas Day is probably the most awaited festival or holiday, which is celebrated in great harmony by the majority of people in the United States. The day is also known as the Feast of Nativity, as it brings families, friends together to celebrate this festival in an utmost joyful manner. 
Christmas Day is basically a highly cultural festival of Christianity and Catholics religion, as the day is basically the symbol of commemorating Jesus Christ's birth. Christian and Catholics families celebrate it all together across the world. 
You can here below check out the dates of Christmas in the ongoing and next coming years, so as to keep yourself updated with this most enchanting festival of the year. 

Well, in the modern scenario Christmas doesn't stick itself to one particular kind of celebration, since the festival is very dynamic and the diversity of people even make it wider. 

Christian/Catholic people even from the diverse culture celebrate the festival by bringing their friends and families together, decorating their houses and the Christmas tree. The general tradition of Christmas includes exchanging the gifts with the loved ones, playing music, decorating the houses and streets with the lights and turn up the whole ambience very joyful and harmonious. 
Further people cook many types of delicious dishes and the delicacies on this day to enjoy it with the family and guests. The common dish includes Turky, Ham,  Cabbage, roast duck etc, however people can cook and enjoy their desired dish on the day. 
The whole ambience of Christmas is depicted by the decorated house with lights and decorating the colourful lighted Christmas tree. Christmas tree is the most important symbol of this festival which is decorated by candy canes, ornaments or tinsels etc. 
We wish all our readers a merry Christmas in advance and urge the people across the world to celebrate this festival of Jesus Christ's birth with a harmonious and joyful ambience. 


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