Independence Day
Independence Day 2023 in United States

The tradition of celebrating Independence Day in the US, dates back to the eighteenth century and the American Revolution. In the year 1776, independence in the US was favored and voted by the Continental Congress. A few days later, delegates from thirteen colonies accepted the Declaration of Independence. Based on this, Thomas Jefferson drafted the document related to Independence Day in the US. Hence, from 1776 onwards, till today, Americans celebrate independence. This day is considered as the birthday of USA independence and It is celebrated through festivities, fireworks, concerts, parades, holding casual family get together, etc. This important day is always held in the first week of July, every year.    

Importance of 4th July

In this important day patriotic displays and family events are organized throughout the country. Since 1941, this day has been declared as a federal holiday. On this day, the US citizens show a great deal of emphasis on the tradition of American political freedom. The celebrations comprise family gets together with a picnic, including hotdog or watermelon eating competitions. Activities of sporting events, like baseball games, three legged races, tug-of-war games and swimming competitions are held. American citizens outside their homes display the American flag on this day. Fireworks are arranged by many communities, accompanied by playing patriotic music. All these activities are shown on the television so that people can view and enjoy. 

The importance of celebrating Independence Day in the US is that it reveals positive aspects of the country. The citizens have an opportunity to see politicians who attend public events. This reveals great support for history and heritage from the people of the country. This important day is associated with the famous monument, known as, The Statue of Liberty. 

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