Maryland State Holidays 2024 [Public & Federal Holidays]

According to Maryland State Holidays 2024 calendar in the US, the calendar of Maryland public holidays of 2024 is primarily influenced by the federal holidays 2024 Maryland calendar of 2024. The total number of holidays observed in Maryland are eighteen in 2024. Users can also check is today a holiday in Maryland or is June tenth a holiday in Maryland here in this holiday list.



List of Public Holidays 2024 in Maryland State, US

The following is the total list of holidays observed in the year , in maryland United States

maryland State Holidays 2024 Calender

This 2024 list of Maryland holidays include public, federal/official, government [Maryland court holidays], and regional.  In 2024, out of eighteen, there are eleven national holidays. All these holidays in 2024 are considered as public holidays. However, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in 2024 are not observed as public holidays in Maryland.  

As a part of Official Holidays 2024 Maryland, there are four holidays declared in 2024 for Government Offices. They are Maryland Bank Holidays 2024 and Maryland Government Holidays 2024. It can be seen that most of the 2024 Maryland State official holidays are found to be observed on a Monday. 

There are exceptions in Maryland State like Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Veterans Day, and New Year’s Day. As a part of Maryland Federal Holidays 2024, even though Independence Day 2024 is celebrated as a Maryland Federal Holiday, in lieu of this, on the same day in Maryland State. It is observed as Regional Holiday 2024 in Maryland, US. As part of Maryland Holidays 2024, there are no national holidays in the US in 2024.  

All the Maryland federal holidays 2024 are declared as authorized holidays in 2024, which has been recognized by the US government in 2024. Like every year, in 2024, on any US federal holiday, non-essential national government offices are closed in Maryland State in 2024. Market Holidays 2024 Maryland are also known as 2024 Maryland credit union holiday closing. All credit market union branches are closed throughout the 2024 calendar year in Maryland State, and the market observes fourteen days of Maryland holidays in 2024.