Victory Day
Victory Day 2023 in United States

In the United States, the Victory Day is observed in a grand manner. This important day falls on a Monday, in the month of August. It is one of the most enthusiastically celebrated holidays, every year, in the country.  Many American families on this Victory Day, go out and join for a feast. They also enjoy the day by having fun with friends and families. Both non-religious as well as religious American families observe this day as per their own desire. However, this Victory Day is significantly filled with holiday celebrations for most of the Americans. They enjoy the day by having community events to family get together functions. 

In the US, it is very difficult to determine as to how this Victory Day is observed as it has several reasons. They include, the presence of great diversity, mixture of several cultures and many traditions observed on this Victory Day.  

Ham or turkey is the similar main Delicious dish offered in this feast with family and friends. But, in some of the feasts, Polish sausage and cabbage or lasagna are provided. Instead, guests can relish roasted duck in place of all this. However, one thing is certain that everyone can share a common dish, like sweets. This is consumed in plenty throughout the holiday season. 

The tradition of Victory Day, includes exchange of gifts and cards, and installing and decorating a Victory Day tree. Besides, decorating homes with lights and other ornamental articles are also done on this day. Parents take their children to the local mall to see Santa Claus and attend various parties on this Victory Day. 

Many families install a Victory Day tree, which is typically a Douglas fir. The families decorate it with lights, candy canes, ornaments and tinsel. Several communities join together to install a community tree, which is wide and tall, in a public area. It serves as the centerpiece for celebrating the community’s holiday. 

The most significant display in the US on this Victory Day, includes lights and a giant tree installed every year, in the City of New York. Along with this, a huge ice-skating rink is also arranged for the viewers to witness a skating game. 

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